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Mirror Morionis - The Sun Will Never Rise Lyrics

Renounce the light
Among the weeping nights
Among the shadows of the past
Start saying goodbye to the sun
So distant flame of hope
Forget every your day
Forget all that you hold
Until the dark take us away

Farewell your life erases me
Forever fail, forever die
Within this misery
The sun will never rise for me
The sun will never rise never again

Star has gone too far
Look down on me with disgust
Earth is cracked on a half
Ashes of life... ruins and dust...
Eternal grief
Awaken from a sleep
Devours your restless mind
And leaves you without the sun

Farewell your life erases me, forever fail, forever die
Within these misery the sun will never rise
The sun will never rise never again

Shroud of haze laid upon these woods
And twilight above my heart
And endless night
Spread from leaves to roots
I'm torn apart

I'm seen the time
Was trying overtake me
But all in vain
Death left me between the worlds
Doomed to remain

Mirror Morionis lyrics