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Migos - Take My Soul Lyrics

Below you can find the popular Take My Soul lyrics performed by Migos. We have tried to make the Take My Soul song lyrics as accurate as possible and hope you enjoy them.

[Chorus x2: Quavo]
Migo gang 30 deep, walking in the party
I'm white boy wasted so I'm screaming "gnarly"
Why these hoes want to take my soul
Why these girls want to take my soul

[Verse 1: Quavo]
Now lay me down to sleep, pray the lord my soul to keep
Hundred band juugs, I did a week
Fuck what you say don't judge me
It's niggas that sin every day, do whatever that go get the cake
Some niggas they go move the weight
Some niggas they just got make it shake
My life is a movie, my niggas they gooning
Put 100 bands in their face, my nigga baffooning
That mean they go get it, the money, the power, respect
I know that you dig it, my niggas is eating it
Bap Bap Baow, no witness, no forensics
When I pull up in that audi thing, your bitch get in it
I ain't being friendly, no pretending
Me and Rel Money, we be balling just like Mike Finley
I pull up on a bitch, hello kitty
Sipping lean, I'm leaning
Hoes say I'm silly, stacking money to the ceiling
Young Quavo, I'm different
Yeah, I just signed for a milly
Kra Kra Kra, banana peeling

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 2: Takeoff]
Migo gang deep in the building
We flooding your city, Katrina, call FEMA
These bitches is fucking and sucking like leeches
The world full of devils, I wear Jesus pieces
I'm walking with cash, I don't carry visa
My bitches are Asian like Tila Tequila
I'm whipping them babies, my wrist illegal
And I keep the seven, I play with the Eagles
The water so cold, y'all finna turn fold
Like you at the top just to get to the gold
I'm draped up in gold, like a pharaoh
I ride the phantom, like I'm a ghost
Pull out the MCM bag, got faces
Ride in the Bentley, they said I wouldn't make it
My diamonds are Asian, I'm selling Caucasian
Walk on the block, the block is Cajun
I'm smoking like I'm a Jamaican (gas gas gas gas!)
Bitches gettin' their slavin' (whip whip whip whip!)
Bad city Baltimore, it's the Ravens (brrrt)
Think you gon rob me, boy you crazy (ra ra ra ra!)


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