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Migos - In Too Deep Lyrics

Below you can find the popular In Too Deep lyrics performed by Migos. We have tried to make the In Too Deep song lyrics as accurate as possible and hope you enjoy them.

I don told all of these bitches
I don't, I do no want no mo kisses
I don told all of my niggas
They betta get up and go get it
I don told all of these bitches and niggas
It's my indecision
And I won't dem racks and I don't care
Feel like I'm in too deep

[Bridge: Quavo]
Don't fall in love with the fishes
Do not get drowned in the water
I don't wanna call her no mo
Cause my niggas think I'm gone spoil her
I can't fall in love with the fishes
Young nigga I think I did it
I'm in way too deep with the digits
Falling in love with the Benjis

[Verse 1: Offset]
So deep in the game I might drown
I play with the fishes, no flounder
I sip on the Actavis, it keep me grounded
I was missing one thing but I found it (Money!)
You niggas ain't shit
You wanna see a nigga fall
But I stand tall
Locked up behind the wall
Making county calls
Remember the time when my teacher said I wouldn't make it?
I'm hungry, I know that the M & M's coming, I taste it



[Verse 2: Quavo]
Too many little bitty bitches
And I know that she gone whip me something
She making profit in the kitchens
Me and Quan
We gotta run
Too many hoes in the studio
I hit lil mama with the switcheroo
Now she ride us like a rodeo
Aww man
They wanna boot up on that Molly, San-Tan
So we gave em a whole gram
She didn't wanna pop it
She told me she wanted to lick it off my hand

[Verse 3: Rich Homie Quan]
Young nigga in way too deep with her
Switcheroo yo ho let me hit her
Ain't ate in a week, I need 3 dinners
3 piece, thick thighs no miss, winner
I'm in too deep like Omar epps
Where Nia Long at?
Keep calling my phone ion want dis bitch
You can have yo ho back
Deep in some water
Fuck yo fish
I'm finna throw it back
The lame ass nigga gone go for that
Pistols showing, you know I'm strapped
I'm in too deep
And I ain't talm bout water baby
I met you at the trap house
I ain't have to take yo order baby


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