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Migos - Camera Flash Lyrics

Below you can find the popular Camera Flash lyrics performed by Migos. We have tried to make the Camera Flash song lyrics as accurate as possible and hope you enjoy them.

[Chorus: Quavo & Soulja Boy]
All these damn cameras, I pull up in tarantula
I smash yo bitch for a long time I got stamina
Diamond dancing look like cameras, you a amateur
Diamond dancing look like cameras, you a amateur

Flash (Camera), Flash (Camera)
Flash (Camera), Flash (huh)
Flash (go), Flash (flash)
Flash (damn), Flash (huh)

Diamond dancing look like cameras, you a amateur
Diamond dancing look like cameras, you a amateur

[Verse 1: Quavo]
Pull up in tarantula you pull up in that Acura
Diamond dancing like a camera, they came from Africa
Lil momma actin' like she know a nigga, wanna show a nigga
20 bands on that rollie nigga, can't afford it nigga

You a fuck nigga pussy punk boy, Ashton Kutcher
Young nigga keep the clips on me, you could have the pusher
Keep that green leaf in my pocket like the pocket rocket
Smokin' good gas and I'm laughing, watching Chris Tucker

Whole lot of chains and they swingin' call me Quavo Busta
Every time I step out make a movie Quavo blockbuster
White girl ride around with me, and she came from Russia
Pourin' up that lean in that double cup, Robitussin


[Verse 2: Soulja Boy]
Diamond dancin' look like cameras, niggas mad at me
Pull off in that all white ferrari, it's the swag daddy
Pull up and I'm gettin' all this cash, gold all on me
Stacks on deck, rich gang, we deserve a Grammy

Pull up I'm flexin a check, Soulja boy all about checks
It ain't runnin' but these fuck niggas gonna get wet
I pull up my rims and they spinnin', they thought the Ferrari was rented
I'm ridin my windows ain't tinted, it's Soulja Boy Tell 'Em I'm gettin it

Molly in my pocket, taking off like rocket
I touched down in Atlanta, dirty lean all in my phantom
Louis V on my pajamas, Soulja Boy ride with the hammer
I'm seeing my fate when I flip through the channel, all of these flashin' they come from the camera (FLASH)


[Verse 3: Takeoff]
My diamonds they bouncing off the lot they look like cameras
Pull off in that [?] challenger, boy ill challenge ya
Went to the jeweler, my diamonds a cooler, extendo as long as a ruler
Walkin around with that ruga, red beam give you the mark of the Buddha

I'm calling up [?] we making a movie, Migos my family ain't no recruitin'
Thinking about moving to Switzerland with my vixen but I know that they lookin'
Hell nah it ain't Thanksgiving, but walk in my bando you know that I'm cooking
Migos, Migos, Migos, Migos, get on the streets you know that they bookin'

That's yo bitch! She talkin bout suckin and fuckin and havin my baby, bitch you wish!
I tell that bitch run it like Chris
You shootin shots, my shooters shoot at you fuck nigga they aimin they hit
No foundation, but I make a wish, ice in my bullet gotta cold wrist


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