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Mighty Clouds Of Joy - Everybody Ought To Praise His Name Lyrics

Verse 1:
Oh I woke up early this morning
my heart was beating right on time
I said Lord I truly thank you
For openin’ up these eyes of mine
Then I went over to my window
And while looking through the shade
Once again I had to tell him
Thank -You -Lord
For lettin’ me see another day

Verse 2:
Now the sun was brightly shining
The wind was blowin’ not too strong
In a treehouse just a few feet away
Little Robin sang his song
I don’t know what he was singing
Pretty soon he was on his way
Who can say he wasn’t being
Gra-ate ful
And saying thank you for another day

(Everybody ought to) Praise His name
(Be thankful and) Praise His name
(Everybody ought to) Praise His name
(Cause if the robin can say Thank You)
You can do it too

Repeat Verse 2
Repeat Chorus 4x

Many thanks to Kharis for these LyricZZ

Mighty Clouds Of Joy lyrics