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Midaz The Beast - Take Me With You Lyrics

I'm trying to go where you go
Whether fast pace or you move slow
Wherever you walk I'm a follow
It seems around you the sun shines brighter
Birds play and sing
It's like you're the most prepared for what the worst day will bring
Take me with you
It's no secret I absolutely love you
I'll do whatever I don't give a fuck boo
Spend myself into bankruptcy
Just so you can have things lovely
For you I walk across Japanese SAI's barefoot
Have surgery give away a kidney like I don't need mine
For you I run into a brick wall
And attempt to climb up the mountain with my arms tied
You're the best of all God designs
Or maybe the combination of all things perfect in a woman
And baby you can trust through your trials and tribs and obsticles
If you beefing or you leaving then I'm coming
Listen I know where we at now is not where we envisioned
And you're currently not receiving the lovin that I'm giving
I'm asking you to take me with you
So we can make official
And break the issues that can shake the fiscal
True love's a once in a lifetime set up
So I'm a love you until I'm dead boodead up
I hope we spend our lives as one
If not baby I'll follow 'til our lives is done
If you fly I runyou know that I'm bout that
I'm sure that your eyes is the sun can't live without that

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