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Midaz The Beast - Realeyes Lyrics

Below you can find the popular Realeyes lyrics performed by Midaz The Beast. We have tried to make the Realeyes song lyrics as accurate as possible and hope you enjoy them.

nah nah nah
dont be doin no shoulder shruggin
you in ya teens you aint tryna hear ya older cousin
but from experience I'm hoping that you notice something
and you can trust me cause years ago I was known for buggin
skipping classes for btiches and liqour shots
fuck the rules
staying true to the game
be on the block
there wasnt no one to school me
so I was not
tryna pay attention
was hardly listening to my pops
cops barely putting fear in the kid
was like
daytime's just for tossing beer in my wig
and night
I'm with my niggaz on the pussy chase
shoulda been studying books
now I'm older broke
with a bushy face
I'm speaking it because I love you daddy
Its time to focus on ya life
you know me I aint tryna be ya younger daddy
I hope you listen while I'm rhymin
uncover them artifacts
and please stay out the position im in
money's hard
paying the rent is a struggle buddy
hopeful employers looking at me like a fuckin dummy
and I'm desparate ribs touching and looking hungry
that shit you getting into now
I done done it ugly
and now I'm holding up my wallet
and tryna show the kinda ambition a nigga shoulda showed in college
see life is a prison if you earning ya way dishonest
the cycle is skipping
kids aint living up to they promise
disciples is missing nowadays
cause everybodies talking leadership
follow a boss to be on some leader shit
there wasnt twelve jesus's
so son
I'ma just roll a couple bags of truth to smoke in ya lungs
get ya education
see whats saving me is my love to write
you know I'll hold you down if I'm ever famous
but if its not in the cards to be the hottest of stars
I'm bitter putting my aggression in bars
dont get caught in the matrix
my little homey
soon you'll be a man dont be stuck in that fake shit
Ideologies of ice having and
you dumbing from guzzling quarts
use your brain cells on space travelin
come up ya thoughts
and seek the truth behind the lies out
the fake in the world in secret tries to guage ya eyes out
and watch them rappers you listen to
they hustlins done
none of them motherfuckers bustin they guns
they might fuck a couple hoes
but the damage thats done
when wildin out they just influence the young
look ya auntie told me now you tryna rhyme like son
I think I have to put you on to how these lines is done

Midaz The Beast lyrics