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Midaz The Beast - Chariots Lyrics

chest out
with the helmet that never tarnish
cape of woven jasmine with the letters thats velvet on it
prisoners rush they masters to touch the hem of his garment
the fact he isnt honored by other artists is alarming
to him
sue him
cue him for posing
In front of bastards
see spreading his light on the planet is really what son is after
fun shellacker
capture a slacker
make him run fast with asthma
I couldn't catch it from a crafty passer
sack a packer
blacking with a track stacker
make a battle rapper put his backpack up
the winner keep it
I get it and burn the shit
then fill the deep end
of a pool with the ashes and turn and spit
disrespectfully speaking
to you lions in sheep's skin
Im a lion in lions skin
while meditating
on a silent wind
you'll know he went to work before his time is in
Its hard to figure out the fragile state his mind is in
or grasp an understanding of that canon that lies in him
supports his fans
a key to they fandom
Is he random
next album droppin he's rocking mandarin
with all of the samples derived from mandolins
the interviewers hate him cause he don't smile for the camera lens

Midaz The Beast lyrics