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Midaz The Beast - Time Wins Lyrics

Below you can find the popular Time Wins lyrics performed by Midaz The Beast. We have tried to make the Time Wins song lyrics as accurate as possible and hope you enjoy them.

You cant pretend to match wits with time
cause time wins
ain't no outrunning something thats really nothing in the end
we all age like the skin of fruits
when one man pass
the old earth produce new recruits
to die slow live fast
you need to be wary of ya time nigga
see it waits for no man
fish or plant
you can miss the chance dunce
the most precious things in life happen once
like the marriage to ya true love
or the birth of ya son
you'll never recapture
deadbeat dads scheming for dime sacks
you ask them what they wish for
they say they time back
is it
possibly something that you could really trade
like write me a check for 50
I'll give you them 30 days
it's more like
nigga play ya cards right
be alright
or else
your old in hospital beds
regrets all night
hold every moment as true
and keep ya honor too
cause tho time is man made its before and follows you....time wins

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