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Meridian - Conscience Lyrics

Why are dying to live? when were just living to die, and it seems like there are no answers to counter a question as simple as mine. There is just so much I can take, all alone as I lie awake. I'm at the point where I can see my whole life's a waste, these walls I put up are bound to break. What happens when, the people who were always there from the start, get a hold of your heart and your soul and with no hesitation they rip them apart. I'm really lost inside my head, all hope is gone I wish I was dead and before I forget There's something left to be said. I'm a battered man, with no will to go on, and I've been alone in this world for far too long.

Dragging myself out of bed,
Has never been this hard.
There's nothing to look forward too,
No reason to smile.
Felling empty and focusing on everything I lack.
While wondering
What difference there would be
If I were gone.
I've never made a single impact on anyone.

There's nothing left, for me here.
It's me against the world again.
But I know that,
This world has brought me too my knees,
And I can see that I'm all alone.

Why keep trying to force a smile
When it never works out in the end.
And I pray to God that one day I can
Make a difference to someone else.

Meridian lyrics