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Matt Ballinger - Lock Me Up Lyrics

Tell me do you remember that night in late December
You had me falling like a snowflake from the sky
The moment we first met, I never will forget
The feeling that I felt when I first looked into your eyes

Did I see, did I see you smile at me?
And I was like if she likes me
Like likes me
I might just lose my sanity

Lock me up, take me away
Im head over heals in love, insane
Im crazy, going crazy
Throw me a love intervention
Just so I hear her name mentioned
Im crazy, going crazy

Crazy how the time will fly, weeks and months they passed us by
But every second that we spend, we fall in love, in love again
Concerts in the park, beach parties after dark
We lock our eyes like our first day and everything else fades away

Now I see that she only smiles for me
And Im like she likes me
Like likes me
And I still lose my sanity


Cause I would never let you go, your smile makes me feel high
Everyday I spend without you, girl you got a way about you
Oh, I just cant survive, oh baby


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