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Mariana Trench - Push Lyrics

You never really wanted it
You'll settle for a bit of it
We started with a big bang
And now it's coming back again

Hey don't you feel it now
My shiny side down
Hey burning brighter still
And you're getting sick - and you're feeling it

It'll wear you down and wear you down
(It's easy breathing in and out and in and out)
I'll push you up against the wall against the wall
You didn't think you'd feel it all but you were wrong about it

It started with a handgun
loaded with excuses
We started faking it and then we started breaking it
All the pieces used to fit
Using like it's going out of style maybe just a little while
This'll be the last time everytime's a last time

I regretted it, i regret a lot of things

And your feeling it

Mariana Trench lyrics

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Songwriters: Herby Azor, Raymond Douglas Davies