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Manic Hispanic - Tijuana Must Fall (underground Babylon) Lyrics

This is a pinchi muy muy trendy one...
Sitting in my room surrounded by tequila

My homeboys all have left, my head is muy caliente

Its already manana, but piece of la noche are stuck inside my head

What we did was bullshit, we live the pinchi way

I guess that I'm cabrona...???
And I guess, we'll never find out

who is the true cochino who never cleans his room

Tijuana She Must Fall x3

On a crazy party night
On a pinchi punyerra(SP?) mattress I'll lay for hours

Adding up my sins from La Raza magazines

I'm proud of my vida, and i stand inside my room

With all of my trippy Jimi Hendrix posters and shit
And sometimes when no ones

looking i smoke mota

And my, my uncle comes in

He says "Cochina, clean your room"
I guess they'll never find out

Which one of us is truly a cochino

Tijuana She Must Fall x4
Why don't you go, let us get out of here

go have have some fun, find some trabajo or something

My uncle Bobby he said he's gonna get me some trabajo

My Uncle Bobby Pyn, he said Nyaaa Nyaaa Nyaa

Which means go get work, you know go to work

He said, he said

I got you trabajo at Oki Dogs Nyaaa Nyaaa
I'll never know who is the true cochino

Who never cleans the banjo's after

They take a cackas

Tijuana She Must Fall x4
Wait a minute, some, some pinchi esse from Huntington Beach

just hit me right in the face and called me a poseur, we're gonna get him eh

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