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Makeba Mooncycle - Population Prostitute (premix) Lyrics

[Intro: girl]
Oooh, baby, what's up, what's up?
I got something you want
Meet me around the corner in five minutes
Make sure you got 20 dollars
You can bring a couple friends
Make sure they got some dough, though
Word up, big money, big bucks, big bucks
What's up? Oooh

[Makeba Mooncycle]
I may be paranoid, but I won't avoid
Deal with the real, through all the pressures
Hoping we survive, these desperate measures
I press rewind, to remind me of the crimes
Unanswered schemes, filled us with false dreams
Thought I had a full deck, you had the other half
All boxed in, took me on a higher path
Couldn't find my way so I simply did the math
Freed my mind, with a little paragraph
Some are stuck on stupid, and can't grasp
I'm built for this task, so why should you ask
If I'm freeing minds, then you know I do the time
Let's take it back like Garvey, revolution like Marley
Operation tell the truth, with the right moves
Yes I'm acting rude, but we got points to prove
Creator of white lies, perversion of spies
Makes me use my third eye, disguise suicide
Disguise suicide

[Chorus: Makeba Mooncycle]
Population's being prostituted (prostituted)
Tell me who, who constituted (constituted)
Master plan, will take effect (take effect)
Will it be, they knock off next?

[Makeba Mooncycle]
Along for the ride, what's your thoughts on genocide
Can we maintain, or will you go against the grain?
All that remains, is your blood stains
Don't label me weird, I'm not the one to fear
Let's step it up in gear, the new pimp this year
Definition of heartache, when your mind can't think straight
The misguided fools, find they ways through the rules
Who created stakes, without them being high
And who can you trust when you trying to save
You get up in the morning, to start your daily trick
They all pray on the rich, then do stupid shit
The one who's paying, and controlling the cash flow
Anything to get you stepping on each other's toes
It doesn't take a genius to watch and do the knowledge
If they control it, then they can surely stop it
Mama's tricking for they welfare cheddar
Life's gotta get better, can you live with it?
Without them in your business, and can you live without it
Without being bout it, without being bout it


[Makeba Mooncycle]
It's in my nature to know the edge
Not to mislead or be misled
Some call me a teacher, attraction I feature
It has to make sense, keeping heads in suspense
Or suspension, advantage from a distance
What you are missing, I'm the link let's connect
Like sexual contact, but relax, it's on wax
One way out, back to back
Let's review the fundamentals, don't forget about potentials
Like my reflected credentials, I'm detrimental
Knowledge your wisdom, so she can understand
The purest form of man, realize the master plan
This is my gift, I spread to uplift
Never to be erased, but to be embraced
Here to replace, just a little taste
Open wide, we co-incide, like electric slide
Catching nations by suprise, Makeba's on the rise
I'm the one to survive, I'm the one to survive

[Chorus 2X]

Makeba Mooncycle lyrics