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Majestic 12 - Superstar Lyrics

[Chorus: Madam Majestic]
Strut, down, the boulevard
Feeling just like a superstar (superstar)
Hold, tight, to all your dreams
They will take you far
Friends, do, not ignore
Cuz they know who you are
Strut, down, the boulevard
Just like a superstar

[Madam Majestic]
From the beginning... and all though out
You knew just how I was, and what I was about
Took all my cards and laid 'em out on the table
And in spite of it all, you knew that I was able
To give you what, you've been looking for
All of these years
True love, no tears, no fear


[Madam Majestic]
Just like I told you, from the very start
This love that I'm giving, is state of the art
I don't get tired, no I don't wear out
I move, shake and break it, take it, make it
That it takes, move it up to the stars


[Madam Majestic]
If you should find yourself not appreciating
The way I'm conselating, just let me know and I'll take my flow
And I move it, all around, baby
I shake it, shake it down, baby
I'll break it, break it down
In the town, oooh, just be who you are

[Chorus 2X]

Majestic 12 lyrics