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Maino - Don't Like Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Don't ask question we both gone
Definition of go hard
Eat a dick to these fake niggars
Big shout out to my raw dogs
White bitch got on no drawers
My diamonds light up like 4 stars
Hoppin' out of that panorama
With 2 cannons like oh dog
Oh la oh la these fake ass niggers I don't like
Industry niggas man I don't like
I keep 'em shaking like I'm rolling dice
The realest nigga in my city put that on christ
Big money we on that my guns bust on contact
Run down on lame rappers get a shank top
Let 'em buy back
Weak niggers won't challenge us
You thought he real he lied to you
It's my town, listen bitch
You're now a part of my mafia

[Verse 2]
Mafia we the fucking clique
So allergic to sucker shit
I get your grandmother stumped out
Then tell the judge to suck a dick
Y'all niggers got too much heart
But too little slots
Hey what you doin' you little dots
Streets swallow you whole
You forgot about the little part
I deliver street knowledge bust
You keep it with it for you young niggers
Still grinding, but I'm Alice and Pusha T all in one nigga
Don't give a fuck where you're from nigga
'Cause every hood speak gun nigga
A hundred grams in that drum
If you don't run you be speaking in tongues nigga
We militant when we come
Learn from martyr Martin strapped up
And my killers is punched don't get staunch
My nigga act up
My young nigga so thirsty
I dare you niggas tryin' to murk me
I'm a 9 miller no person
Ain't no limit top when I'm squirting
I empty all those shelly shells
Coke and boats yey pills
If I don't make it selling tales
Tell 'em back in Brooklyn selling quells
Been chomp us up and sense cali pales
Getting the message like Melli Male
This ain't for outsiders this is for us buyers like Eli L
Me and cope this anonymous and shoot I'll stay anonymous
Only fuck with real I'm monogamous
And the wait I hold is hippopotamus

[Verse 3]
Hand me that gin that's the shit I don't like
You're right here and ran nigga took off like Mike
You fell to the floor you was rolling like dice
And that's before I started shooting
When I'm gonna just get off my bullshit
One nigga forklin the mafia we takers
We took shit, right as well nigga we book shit
Just got the call good look shit
False alarm broke nigga just look rich
Nigga lucky 'cause he could've just took 6
Them boys don't play on my side of the block
Don't give a fuck who you know how you look
Bigger the nigger bigger the don and lil niggers gonna send for
No background check no info
In the pen's niggas like what you in for
You like killing a nigga for tryin' to feed my kinfo
Damn lets go
No home money no commissary no phone money and on top of that
You owe money can't grind to shit you slow money
My problems coming with more money
We out here on the shit funny
You niggers can't get a nick from me
And I watch your chip bum bitch can't get no dick from me
It's the mafia

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