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Maharaji & Shys T (big Shys) - Time Ta Shine Lyrics

INTRO: (Maharaji)


Ya now listenin' ta what's been missin' in the industry, I'm full of piss & glycerin' so now they wanna finish me. But I will not bend till' the end, and until then Imma make um' feel my pen. Finally recognizin' I'm a force to be reckoned with, but mutha-fucka from the start you wasn't reppin' it. The second it got thick you acted like chicks with dicks, better yet slits with clits, tricks with tits. Cant afford to be fuckin with a liar, weak link must get forged in fire please retire. Fools claimin' area codes they don't live in, refferin ta situations they probably never been in. These Rap cats is fake, pointing out state to state, city to city, I'll be the committee,and today we re-inventin' the wheel for those that feel integrity is more important than a deal - come on.

Maharaji: Niggas wit no game, and no name, wantin' fame, hella lame, its a shame.
BIG SHYS: You da' bronze
Maharaji: You da' brain
Maharaji & BIG SHYS: So its time ta shine, definitely time ta shine.
Maharaji: They want the shows, and the bling, royalties and the ring, double R's and the range.
BIG SHYS: You a fool
Maharaji: You insane
Maharaji & BIG SHYS: So its time ta shine, definitely time ta shine.

VERSE 2 (Maharaji)

Crack the brick no matter what the mineral, here in these streets the Maharaji is the chemical. This is what your not, this
is what your not industry suckin' you dry for everything you got. Neva' see you on the block, stories of glocks you cock.BIG
SHYS: I gotta pocket full of stones I made knot from rock. Yellin' at the top of your lungs like you a felon, minimum unit sound scan you think you sellin'? BIG SHYS: Causin' mass confusion and chaos cause im a Travisty, so the mainstream rap world has banished me. Face the fact that basement Rap is mine, take the wack and place um' back in time.Fuck Hip-Hop Imma underground spit artist, put me in the booth and will see who could shit hardest. Shys the lyrical pro I'll make ya revenue double like I was a bottle of miracle grow so come on.


VERSE 3: (Maharaji)

You look sweet in that mag, tryin' ta be the town but keep it closet you fag, drop the mic and box you bitch and dirty these
rags, erosion of the game you make spittin' a drag, I put the fit in the sag. Dont drink don't smoke, what do ya do nigga
yous a mutha-fuckin bitch through & through. Swirlin' and twirlin' nigga call me katrina, bathroom acoustics Hommie that's
my arena. Niggas with no game and no name wantin' fame, pull the industry plug, let um' flush down a drain cause its time ta
shine, definitely time ta shine. BIG SHYS: 1 million 9 milli choose one. Recognize game, I'm Northwest doo-doo, smokin cufu,
been hot since the goo-goo. You can be an American idol, I'm an American idol rival bout survival.


OUTRO: (Maharaji)

Maharaji & Shys T (big Shys) lyrics