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Magic Mack - Kaelynn Lyrics

[verse 1]
I still remember,
The first day i,
Ever laid eyes on,
You were so cute,
And i just knew,
You would be mine
I'm sorry that,
I got so nervous,
Every time i saw your face,
I just got butterflies

[chorus 1]
I felt,
So hurt and lonely,
When you,
Told me you're leaving
I still,
Remember when you
Told me,
How much that you liked me

And i thought that you'd be mine

[verse 2]
I remember the,
Day that i asked,
You to be my,
Girlfriend and i,
Was so nervous,
Sweat dripped from my hands,
I was so scared to,
Even ask you out,
Even though i knew that you,
Liked me and i liked you

[chorus 2]
It's so,
Funny how things come,
Full circle
When you need em,
I love,
You so f**king much
Please stay,
With me foreverer

Magic Mack lyrics