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Madtv - Trapped In The Cupboard Pt 189 Lyrics

so I'm driving home
I just can't understand
she didn't buy my cheerios
she bought her own brand
I'm about to go O.J.
ya'll know what I mean
I raced home in a prop car
in front of a green screen
bust in the house
she says I know what you're thinking
that snap, crackle, pop you heard
was just pop rocks and coke I'm drinking
that's all I could say was hoe
tell me hoe then what the fuck are these rice crispies crumbs doing in this bowl
I said that's it
I'm gonna end this video
and then the door bust down
and in bust the po-po
I said hey officer
what's the problem you people
he sited 3 times today
I pulled my gun out on innocent people
I made a dash for the cupboard
tried to hide in the cupboard
he pulled me out of the cupboard
I said look cop
you can't take me away because I got 6 more of these videos to make to completer my urban opera
so here we are now
at the end of the story
and I'm going to jail
this time not for statutory

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