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Madison Benali - Questions Lyrics

Below you can find the popular Questions lyrics performed by Madison Benali. We have tried to make the Questions song lyrics as accurate as possible and hope you enjoy them.

How do i cry when all my tears have been taken from me
endless sighs wrapping in my life of misery
holding tight when i should just set it all free
how do i try to cope with these empty dreams

How can i pray that I'll be all you'll need
when inside of me i know i can never succeed
keeping our bond from fading; letting us dream
how can i try to act like i can always be

how will i know that everything's meant to be
shallow hands hold this dream from taking me
out of my terrors; out of my cloak
out of all this i could only hope
you'll be everything that'll hold me tight
everything that will make it right
come to me and give me sight
cuz alone i can't end this fight
no one will ever compare
cuz you're all that i need
don't leave me bare
heal my knees

How do i... how can i... how will i ever believe...
without you by my side to comfort me.

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