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Mack Maine - Poo Shoota Flow Lyrics

Fresh up that new asshole, you hear?
Fresh up poo shooter
I cop two ruggers
Don't make me spray or aimin things at yo soup coolers
I fuck with real niggas, like the izzle
Fo shizzle my nizzle, get the fuck out my grizzle
I'm a grizzly, I'm roaming through the forest, I don't really know no chorus
Wuzzup big booty Dolore? She living round the corner from the florist
With my man made get her flowers
Niggas fucking around, my people will coming and shoot you's, regular powders
So now the case be closed, cause they think it was drug related
And niggas know that I get the cake and the thugs don't hate it
Real niggas they congratulate, they happy to see I made it
At least one of us have made this shit, I be love saving shit
Real nigga, all day, freestyle in the hallway
Feeling like I'm juvy, wussup with Sean with that bootie?
Till I come over here she a cutie, what's up Red? What's up with that heat?
Yeah, we can do it right here on the sofa, we don't need no bed
Shouts out to moddie, that boy keeping the shawty
But I round in Maserati, in old school huaraches
Nigga don't want beef with me and my people
Yeah we real, we just cup out the license, man our weapons they concealed
But we got dirty browners, for when it's time to get real gangsta
Niggas hella ancient, but picture that I'm painting
And I'm feeling like I paint I'm like Picasso
Me and my niggas ride around in the Gallardos
Excuse me, Murcielagos, look nigga that's a Lambo
Tied up and mask up and wagged up like Rambo
Who the fuck thinkin they got that ammo
My shots yea they camo
I come through and blast at your flannel
Brains all over your shirt like you waste spaghetti
Slow down, don't blow the whistle yet cause he ain't ready
Niggas know I'm like Freddy when I come through
In your lil dreams give you nightmares that make a nigga scream
Yea Dreams & Nightmares like I was Meek Millie
A lot of these hoes silly
Shouts out to all my bitches out there up in Philly
Someone but be more, they got their raises under their tongue
And some of these little niggas 15 they got a gun
So they ain't got no license, they had one since they was 12
And nigga blast off that molly and send yo bitch ass to hell
I got real niggas ouchea, that's ready to prevail
Shouts out to my nigga Tyrell, yea my nigga Lil Travell
He out there on the pole, still shooting at the door
You fuck around with Lamar, that boy that quick to spot
Yeah that's my dog, we went to high school together, used to cheat
So fuck it, what ya'll talkin bout nigga? We run the streets, here out in Cali
Since we was bumping them balis
We was just talking about they about this
I'm like yeah nigga they belly, I fuck up nigga really
And I don't like these no ratlers
See me and my nigga we gone gone going back to...
Kali nigga

Freestyle champ I'm just like
Fuckin around light one up
Fuckin around, I don't fuck around
Fresh out that ass hole
Nigga was all the lil pussy in here
All the time I was like
You understand me?
I was in the in the right hole
I was like uh you my first, uh you my first
And when I went off in that pool shots in
Oh no, you my hood
You heard me, all these real niggas you understand out there
You understand?
I know my people listening so I can't really like go off high
Wanna go off though, fuck with me
This just the appetizer nigga
The next one the entre, food for thought
Real nigga tho
Oh Haly Grove Wop you did that one
Rest in peace killa stone yea

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