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Mac Miller - Bird Call Lyrics

Quack, quack

[Verse 1]
Im chilling for an hour, smoking weed, watching Worldstar
Benz in the garage, probably got to drive your girl car
You aint a rapper, of course, never heard yall
I just spit a punchline, so now I need a bird call
Hit your sister in the face with a Nerf Ball
Im dealing with some shit that really dont concern yall
Punch a fan if you get a fucking word wrong
Im wavy, get me some shit that you can surf on
Finding me a bitch I can swerve on
Frank Thomas homie, about to put the hurt on
Your bitch a night light in bed, she turned on
Throw some weed, tell her burn one

[Hook] (repeated)
Burn one, burn one, burn one, burn one
Burn one, burn one, burn one, burn one

[Verse 2]
Yea, I used to give a fuck about success
Now I just want to see Mila Kunis undress
Posted down for buttsex, it will be a cum fast
Sorry thats some shit I had to confess
Crazy ass bitch doing 911 threats
Came in the game smoking Newport Hundreds
Now Im at the top and the crown fit
Gold on my outfit
Surrounded by some pussy, Imma drown in
Got that wet pack, bitch come and give me that
You know we want to know where them titties at
Got em gassed, they be asking what Im cooking with
Got your little brother asking moms where the pussy is
Corruption, stuntin at the function
Your girl pussy smell like Sour Cream & Onion
Pay attention, youll learn something
Roll that weed up, burn one


Mac Miller lyrics

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Copyright: Lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC

Songwriters: Malcolm McCormick, MIchael Volpe