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Lyfe - The Way I Feel About You Lyrics

1st Verse:
Lyfe: Well Hello
Female: Hey! How you doin'
Lyfe: Haven't seen you in a while
Female: Yep it's been a while
Lyfe: Girl I really missed that smile and that thing you do with your tongue still drives me wild
Female: (shreek) You silly
Lyfe: You gotta have some kids by now
Female: Yea, I got a little girl
Lyfe: Heard yo brother just got out
Female: Yea, 2 weeks ago. He's doin good too
Lyfe: Girl, I still get choked up when I think about, how this time done tore us apart/but you were never far from my mind or from my heart, girl you know

You know the why I feel about you, You know the way I feel about you, now and forever (Repeat)

2nd Verse:
Lyfe: So how's your sister
Female: You know Brenda, she's cool
Lyfe: Heard she finally bought that house
Female: It's little but it's her's
Lyfe: Bet that makes yo momma proud
Female: Yea, yea, she's happy
Lyfe: To see all the hard work of raisin ya'll paid off/girl that's what I'm talkin' bout
So when you come back in town/maybe we can go somewhere and hang out
Female: Yea, I'd like that
Lyfe: Cause no matter where you are in this world To me you'll always be my girl, don't you see

Lllllllla llllla la lla llla lla lalala la la lalalalla

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Songwriters: LYFE JENNINGS