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Luxt - Proof Lyrics

I've, lost, sane. For-got, my name.
Flown, too close to the flame. I won't be tamed.
Taste-d flesh. Found it less.
Than it's rep. Maybe it's for the best?

Give me, more. Than this cold whore.
Salt on this. Open sore.
Give me, this. Demand, not wish.
Show me the world is more than shit.

Don't, just, stand, there, prove it.
If you've got it, move it.
Shut the fuck up and do it.
Carve your mark in to it.
Life will not wait. So get it straight.
The world owes you nothing,
and that's what's free.

I've been there. Cold, chapped, scared.
Did not fare. As well as most to compare.
Torn deep holes. In my sole.
To ditch each. Flame until I was cold.

As this frame. Bones, skin, name.
Come join me. You can share in the blame.
If you dare. Challenge my stare.
You might find. How completely I don't care.

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