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Luxt - No Turning Back Lyrics

Below you can find the popular No Turning Back lyrics performed by Luxt. We have tried to make the No Turning Back song lyrics as accurate as possible and hope you enjoy them.

Time has passed. Since my youthful ways.
Showed my heart, Gave my game away.
Now this mask, Gives me means to be,
Anyone, That I need to be.
So beware, When you ask of me.
What you want to hear, For I will deceive.

In self defense, My self expense,
This seventh sense, Might snap your neck.
As these instincts, Don't let me think,
Pushed past the brink, Evil reacts.
Into relapse, This chain reacts,
Twist til' it snaps, And all is wrecked.
Protect yourself, My heart is hell,
I'll tell you once, And then, no turning back.

No turning back.

So you'll stay, Like the others did.
Til' I show that face. That I use to rid.
Myself of, Any sign of pain,
Til' you're gone. And it all starts again.

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