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Lux Occulta - Most Arrogant Life Form Lyrics

Shall we feel proud of being fate’s favorite toys?
Cain’s tribe, tribe the chose ones who have no choice
Salt of this earth, salt in the eye of providence

In the everlasting cosmic lotto
Father hydrogen mutates
Into self-confidence and presumption
Is Pigmalion proud of himself?

That poor old monkey Darwin was wrong
There was no evolution at all
Just the case history
The syphilitic clown Nietzsche was wrong
There is no ubermesch at all
All I’ve heard of were uberworms
That crippled bastard Hawking was wrong
For there is no time at all
The only dimension known to us is fear

The universe is constantly expanding
Yet midgets remain the same
What is above remains above
All is just a matter of scale

Lux Occulta lyrics