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Luther Barnes - Jesus And Me Lyrics

When I've done, all I can
Just to help my fellow man
And when my best is never good enough
There have been times, when I felt just like giving up
Trials come on every hand
The more I try to do what He wants me to do
Sometimes I just don't understand
But Jesus reminds me, everytime I pray
Oh that it won't be, it won't be like this, it won't be like this always

There are times, when I feel so all alone
Oh when friends and people who care about me
When they are all gone
But I want you to know that there is no friend
No friend like Jesus
He's all I need, he's all I need
I long for the day when I can see his face and finally we meet

It will be sweet (so sweet) when we meet (oh yes it will)
No more sorrow (there be no more sorrow) pain or grief
Everything down here, will cease to be (and I'll be)
I'll be so happy, Jesus and me

I won't be troubled no more
When I reach heaven's door
There's no greater (there is no greater) reward you see

I'll be so happy (Lord I'll be)
I'll be so happy (yes I will)
I'll be so happy (when I see his precious face)
I'll be so happy (When I see Jesus inside of me)
I'll be so happy (All my heartaches, they will be over)
I'll be so happy (All my sorrows, they'll be over)
I'll be so happy
(All my tears and my pains, it will be over, yes it will
Oh I won't have to bear noo, won't have to bear no more burdens
I'll be so happy
They'll be nothing but joy and peace over there
Every day will be Sunday
So Happy, Jesus and Me

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