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Luckyou - Luckyou Lyrics

Lucky you
You broke my heart
Good for you
You did your part
I dont know
Cant understand
All that love
That you pretend
All my friends
Are insecure
They run to me
They run for you
Telling things
I cant believe
Lucky you
Where have you been?

Lucky you
I saw your smile
I was you
And you were mine
All those words
That I can hear
All those songs
And all your tears
Lucky you
I feel the light
Please dont go
Just hold me tight
Feeling good
Youre my friend
Feeling down
Youre the best

Suddenly I feel it in my heart
That one day you will come to me to find your star
Suddenly we feel so good
Saturday you go to soon
I dont know if I was wrong
That is why I wrote this song

Pa papa papara rara

Carry me
Take me by your hands
Run to me
Like the good old days
Lock the doors
We are insecure
Cross the walls
Im here for you
Just do it right
Feel the love
And feel the time
Tell me how
You know the time
And tell me how
You read my mind

Whoa whoooa

Everybody with me

Repeat Chorus

Luckyou lyrics