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Lpmd - Prop 19 ft. Longineu Parsons Iii, Miles Davis Lyrics

La la la la la laaa. La la la la la laaa. La la la la la laaaa, lalalaaaaaa, lala
Verse 1
LPMD get high every day, smoke marijuana no crack no cocaine, no heron, no e-pills,
I just walk to my caregivers spot, go and get my prescriptions refilled (What is it?)
Blackberry, legendary Mary, crystallization like sprinkled dust from a fairy,
Is it hairy? Very, extraordinary? I know the grower very well he’s extraordinary.
Well get my order ready, I’ll take the whole zip, plus a box of swisher sweets, cus we bout to fold this,
And after we smoke one, we’ll prolly smoke two, kick back and bullshit, bout the things we go through, I TOLD YOU.
Vote yes on Prop. 19 as I strolls to the polls with a blunt full of lime green chronic in the air,
I’m tired of fighting the system the system don’t fight fair!
Verse 2
Wherever I go, she go, drop anything just to stop and go reload,
I know I sound like an addict, but I refer to it as just a good habit.
You can go and spend spend spend, but nothing compares to a little twenty twin twin,
Put it on the scale, make sure it weighs, grind it all up, let’s go blaze!
I done missed more points than joints, more appointments than joints lit, you get the point bitch.
It’s reefer madness when it comes to LP MD appetite healthy, chest wealthy,
Brain stealthy, lower body melting, I feel like a pig but I might have another helping, but this time make me a double, smoking by myself I call it the no huddle.
Verse 3
It shouldn’t take 3 verses to explain my need for weed, but the beat was super slapping so allow me to proceed,
I use it like a crutch, like a Kobe Bryant jumpshot in the clutch, I just gotta get my touch.
And I might pass it back if the lane is clogged , here comes the weedman look ma santa clause.
What’s in the sack man? Gimme half of that and half of that man, fill em up fat man.
I’m talking Uncle Phil size pillows, cutting cigarillos, rolling armadillos.
Swimming like minnows in my sea of excess, wouldn’t have it any other way, weed is the best.
Got my propaganda on Prop. 19, lost a couple months ago I’m still out here fighting,
Man somebody should’ve told me that I just got these fucking bumper stickers made, charge it to the game…

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