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Lorde Of All Desires - The Immortalizing Winter Lyrics

Under a veiled and lucid moon
bearing shades of crimson
Oceans of blood wane through it
It casts creeping shadows
upon the frost ridden earth
Amongst the worms
I arise from my sepulcher
dreams of blood and flame elude me
Again, the visions that came
show light vanquished
from the planes which I walk
A maze is woven of dire despair
and suffocating sorrow
innocent death, unable to satiate
desire to relinquish every impurity
from my being
I writhe in anticipation
Once numb to an undying
hunger with great haste
hatred of divinity grew unbearable
now for I am numb no longer
Death, the immortalizing winter, flew
Long ago, this wraith dwelled inside me
defiled by deceiving words that
enslave you to him
Soon to put to sleep
my blackened spirit thirsts for thee
Unleashing anger to transform
my pain into pleasure
Frozen eyes, no longer
shed sullen tears
an emptiness growing with every
dream of darkly paradise
churning clouds pour incessant
storms over these barren lands
desire overcomes me...
I invoke the darkness
From invocation came sin
where remorse was none
a hell which pure spirits
should not dwell

Lorde Of All Desires lyrics