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Lord Superb - The One Lyrics

[Intro: Lord Superb]
Yeah man you know
This right here is that real barbeque music man
Yaknawhatimsayin, That family reunion music man
You know that-that-that-that baby shower music
Yaknawhatimsayin, You get up and dance with Nana Ish man
Yaknawhatimsayin, Grab up on Charlene on Debra
Tell em come on let's dance, Yaknawhatimsayin
A little reefer, Little liquor
Yall know how we do it

[Lord Superb]
Late night at the table with notebooks
Try to make my dreams real, Get a deal
Hood hate'n on me, They know I'm the one
They see I'm going places and they wanna come
All types of sports car pulling up to the projects
And I aint even put out a project
I had my foot in the door for years now my body in
Hand me a mic and your track I'll body it
On this one we party'n, Let the shorties in
That's Jay, Jay that's Claudia
This is the single, The hook gone make you mingle
Feed lil' momma champagne till she tingle
I had to dumb it down, I'm coming now
Tell them radio directors son around
To all the DJ's, Hollar at me
Fifty, Diddy, And Jay, Throw some dollars at me

[Chorus 2X: Convict w/ Lord Superb ad-libs]
They expect for you to make their, Dreams come true
Just keep, Doing what you do
Don't let them, Change you
Just stay, Honest and true
Cause if they, Knew what you knew
It's so hard to be The One, The One, The One, The One

[Lord Superb]
Yo I do it for the fans
But it's bigger then a million records
And all that fake love from haters
Bigger then successes in entertainment, Plus paper
A lot of wack rapper is rich and famous
As for drug dealers, I respect Rich and AZ
See it aint the same the game switched in the 80's
I waited years for this, Walked tiers and shed tears for this
Dead peers for this
Now I know money talk and bread take care of kids
That's why Perb flow like he on some Shakespeare shit
They call me Pamper in the hood, I take care shit
With the 5, 6, & 7's on some day care shit
The money don't make me, That's why a lot of niggas hate me
Cause I'm made without it
I did my dirt I played the projects
Now I'm rapping about it it's only logic


[Outro: Lord Superb]
Hey, Yo, This is it, This classical music right here
It's so hard to be The One, The One, The One, The One, The One, The One
The One
I'm the One, What's the conflict
He want it, Youknowhatimean
Today's another one, For free baby

Lord Superb lyrics