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Londa Larmond - Once Lyrics

What is the reason
I don't act the same
I know that the change may seem so strange
The way I behave
And the smile on my face
You see I got saved
And I'm not ashamed

When I was looking for love
To ease the pain inside
Ended up not satisfied
'Til I met Jesus Christ
If you take that leap of faith
Then He will set you free
And you will be forgiven for eternity

Once prisoners of sin
But now we can go
We've been born again
We're free
Once we could not cope
But now we can tell it
We've got blessed hope

Can you believe I used to be the one
To always complain "no one loves me"
Look at my face
All my criyins done
I gave up the pain
To be free and if

If you believe that He died
Because He loves you too
And if you're not satisfied where life has taken you
You just take that leap of faith
You'll have your freedom too
And you will join us singing
While we play our groove


Londa Larmond lyrics