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Londa Larmond - It's All Up To You Lyrics

The day is long
Things going wrong
Seems you can't take it
Don't want to fight
'Cause no hope's in sight
Fell you won't make it
The smiles you cry
Show hurt inside
No need to fake it
Well I am here to comfort you
'Cause I know just what you're going through

There's a light
At the end of the tunnel
It's waiting for you
Just hold on
And believe that you're going
To make it on through
Things will work out fine
Just give them time
Relax your mind
It's all up to you

Look deep inside
And you'll find the drive
Needed to go on
You must not quit
When the road is bent
That's when you've got to hold on
This is your life
Cling to it tight
Don't ever give in
The sun will shine after the rain
You've gotta use your pride
To was away your pain


It's up to you
So dry those tears
And pray away your fears
Upt to you
To make your dreams come true
It's up to you
You can win the race
When it seems there is no way
Just gaive it your best
You can ace the test
You can deal with the stress


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