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Liz Anderson - Chiseler Lyrics

Below you can find the popular Chiseler lyrics performed by Liz Anderson. We have tried to make the Chiseler song lyrics as accurate as possible and hope you enjoy them.

Oh you chiseler you, I'm so in love with you;
I can't explain the feelings that I feel.
The only prints you'll leave behind on the sands of time will be the marks of a heel.

When I gave you my hand my heart was in it;
In your own way I know you love me, too.
Still, I can't help but worry every minute
When you say being honest pays but not enough for you!
Oh you chiseler you...

Your credit's bad, can't even borrow trouble;
You'd rather take a friend than take a job.
But one by one they'll all know you talk double
Then, if and when, you need a friend you'll have to buy a dog!
Oh you chiseler you...

When you gave me that table for my birthday
For once you told the truth and that's a fact.
You said that it went back to Louis the fourteenth
And on the fourteenth Louis came and Louis took it back!
Oh you chiseler you...
Oh you chiseler you...

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