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Lisa Stansfield - I Give You Everything Lyrics

Below you can find the popular I Give You Everything lyrics performed by Lisa Stansfield. We have tried to make the I Give You Everything song lyrics as accurate as possible and hope you enjoy them.

With my heart I give you everything
Everything you ever need
Everything you need to be strong
In my mind I can justify
Why I never tell a lie
'Cos you're the only one that I want
That I want

Oh my darling what we have is
Something good and something true
There's no other in my life
Could ever take the place of you
I do my best to make you happy
With everything I say and do
And you know I want you with me
Every minute every second too

With every passing day I'll tell you
and with every passing moment I will say


Tell me baby can I love you
'till the life runs out of me
I don't want nobody else
'Cos you're the only thing I see
Take my mind take my body
And don't you ever ever stop
'Cos there's no love we can discover
that is bigger than the one we've got

With every passing day I'II tell you
Find with every passing moment I will say


Lisa Stansfield lyrics

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