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Lisa Brokop - Say Lyrics

Sometimes it's amazing to me how people walk around
Ignoring their truth
Baby I'm not in this thing to hide my heart and keep secrets from you
Love's only love if it's honest and real
Do you trust me enough to give what you feel

Say what's deep inside
What fires your soul
What shows in your eyes
Say what you dare to believe
Your darkest desire
Your craziest dream
It matters to me
What you want what you need

It's the easy way to stayed locked in your shell
So silent and strong
You might think you're escaping the dark
But you're slamming the door on the light of the dawn
Whisper to me I am listening to you
Remember it's me you're talking to

Say it with a touch
Say it with a kiss
Say it every night when you hold me like this

Lisa Brokop lyrics