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Lisa Brokop - Not Here In My Arms Lyrics

She left you alone then i came along
you said you were over her for good
looks like you were wrong
"cause you still call her name
Sometimes in the night
you may have a broken heart
But you don't have that right

Not here in my arms
Not while you're here with me
If my love can't erase another time and place
Then I'm not what you need
I can hold you close
But i can only go so far
I know she said goodbye
And you need somewhere to cry
But not here in my arms

I can give you love I can give you time
But i can't give you all that's in my heart
While she's still on your mind
So maybe I should go
And leave you alone
If you need to get over her
Then do it on your own time

repeat chorus:

Lisa Brokop lyrics

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