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Lil Wayne - Skit Lyrics

You Have Now Reached The End Of Side A It Is Time To Turn Over Wait Turnover
Get A F**Kin CD Asshole So Bring Your Ass Down To F**Kin Sound Advice Buy A
F**Kin CD Player Go To F**Kin Sam Goody Buy The F**Kin CD Stop Copying Shit On
Tapes You F**Kin Loser And Play The Shit Right And If You Ain't Feelin It Your
F**Ked Up Your Deaf So The Shit Better Rattle Your F**Kin Trunk Better Make
Your F**Kin Ear Drums Bleed Better Make The Neighbors Go Wow What The F**K Is
That What's So Loud Is There Another Party At The House No It's F**Kin Lil Waynes

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