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Lil Wayne - Too Clean ft. Lil Chuckee Lyrics

Below you can find the popular Too Clean lyrics performed by Lil Wayne. We have tried to make the Too Clean song lyrics as accurate as possible and hope you enjoy them.

im too clean dey aint messin wit me (5x)
i im all over da bread like sesame seeds
i be all ova the bread like sesame seeds (repeat)

-verse 1 [lil chukee]
i be all over tha bread like sesame seeds and i
be all over dis beat like a dog wit fleas
yes its i ah chukee i am flyah
call me da fresh prince but to you hataz call me sier
wait a minuit let me put some pimpin in it
shawty dont be playin yee aint heard i was tha mayyyn
shawty please he aint got nothin on me
ima young hard trap and a poors mans dream?
im on ma cream and i stay super clean
from ma shouldas chest pants shoes
you wanna win put ya bets up im like a wrestla
(i be over the bread like sesame seeds)
ya digg!


-verse 2 [lil chukee]
now aint that cold im 12 yeaz old
ma pants stay saggy cus ma pockets stay swoon
ma bad ma pockets on lean i stay supa clean
im hot im fresh go head and call me krispy kreme
my flow so mean ma bad my flow so cold hold up
ah ahchoo ice cube fell on ma nose
when i step up in tha buildin hella who he wit tha dread
befor i hit tha stage ya girl stage one out ma head
ma poeple try to get it she holla boy is she trippin
its goin for some stacks and you aint neva gettin it back
baby girl here to keep it, its our little secret cus really i be
(all over the bread like sesame seeds)
ya heard meh!


-verse 3 [lil chukee]
man im caked up like betty crockers boy
you wanna play rough you wan to rum rum
go find your toy you look like? ya boy
i switch ma style like i switch a brand new pair of draws
and thats all tha time this heres half a time
put me in tha drak baby and im still gon shine
man ima animal all about ma carrot? green
(i be all over the bread like sesame seeds)
i stay geed up plus im iced out im what dey talkin bout
yung money run tha south, so respect it or check it
oh i forgot to mention
(i be all over the bread like sesame seeds)
ya digg!


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