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Lil Wayne & Charlie Puth - Nothing But Trouble Lyrics

[Chorus: Charlie Puth]
I'm facin' the bottle, for all of my problems
These Instagram models, are nothing but trouble
She's goin' away now, I'm goin' full throttle
All these Instagram models, I said they're nothing but trouble

[Lil Wayne]
Uh, when I met her, she was out for love
Yeah, I bought her leather and some diamond studs
Damn, when I met her, she was molly'd up
Fuck it, I said "Whatever" cause I'm not a judge
No, all my niggas say "She's not what's up"
Ay, I considered it but not enough
Uh, she just wanted to be popular
Uh, she just wanted ten thousand followers
Lord, she postin', she postin', she postin'
They like it, they like it, repost it, she party promotin', she hostin'
She posin', legs open, provokin', it got my head smokin'
I tried to act like I don't notice, emotions, emotions, emotions, Lord


[Lil Wayne - over Chorus]
Now it's over
You drive me crazy, like crazy

[Lil Wayne]
I had to leave that hoe alone and get my mind right
I had to go talk to my friends, I had to find Christ
Lord I had to, open up my eyes and find light
I was so green and all she wanted was that limelight
Lord I, was so blinded by her highlights
She had me not checkin' my DM's neither my likes
Oh what, you modelin' ma? Knock yourself out
Open my heart to you when you lock yourself out girl
When I met her, she was posse'd up
Yeah, in the section holdin' bottles up
Ohh, she just wanted to be popular
Ohh, she just wanted ten thousand followers, Lord

[Charlie Puth]
I, should've known from the very start
That you, weren't after my foolish heart
Nooooo, you liar, liar, liar girl
You, got the world thinkin' you're a star
But ohh, you're not who you say you are
Nooooo, I'm dyin', dyin', dyin' girl


[Lil Wayne - over Chorus]
I'm sippin' and lighted and dippin' in line but I'm copin'
I'm too open
Glad I left her, but I don't know her Lord
Now it's over, you drive me crazy

Lil Wayne & Charlie Puth lyrics