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Lil Reese - Nothin' Lyrics

[Intro: Johnny Maycash]
I'm rolling shit
I'm toting shit
Bitch I'm rolling shit

[Chorus: Johhny Maycash]
I'm riding round them cars steady flexing
My niggas they behind me yeah they flexing
You run up on my niggas they be blasting
Lil niggas holding yeah they packing
And niggas they don't want nothin'
Kief said somethin'
But I ain't trying to hear nothin'
And this comma steady comin'

[Verse: Lil Reese]
Don't run up on us bitch we blasting (blasting)
That bitch she goin cause I'm flexing (flexing)
I ball so hard they might be flashing (flashing)
Them commas coming its not question (question)
Of course we packing its no question (question)
I'm bout that life man its no asking (asking)
My niggas with me so don't ask me (ask me)
Put money first that bitch come last in (last in)
I'm killing shit I need a casket (casket)
Them commas coming bitch I'm flexing (flexing)


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