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Lil Mindy - So Hot Remix ft. Jin Yung Lyrics

Lil Mindy: Said I know I'm hot, I know I'm fine
The things I do just blows your mind
It takes you high when I reply
Tonight maybe you be my guy

I know I shine like stars alligned
Them boys they stay and wait in line
Just for a date, its so insane like
"Pretty lady whats your name?"

I must admit I get so shy
They all just wanna be my guy
From north to east, from west to south
My name is what you'll hear them shout

"Be my lady, be my baby"
Like every day it's just so crazy
"Get with me, cuz you're so hot"
But look at you, I'd rather not

Jin: I'm not cocky, I'm not conceited
But I must admit by the ladies I'm greeted
In the day, in the night
My tempting ways the can not fight

I put it on them so bad that they can't resist
Got their minds hypnotize by the neck and wrist
Yeah women they can't get enough of this
Because I got their head spinning like the exorcist

Naw, you can't get like me or with me with that busted weave
Girls tell me that I'm such a tease
cause I like losing words like weezy wee(ya get it)

Yeah you like that lady, the way I......and drive ya crazy
"Oh my god, you're so amazing!"
But I'm not Todd Smith so I'm not your baby

Lil Mindy: Everybody's watching me, cuz I'm hot, hot, hot
Everybody's wanting me, cuz I'm hot, hot, hot

I'm so hot, it's such a curse
What time it is, I got no clue
Boys ain't gone, they just won't go
You tell me what should I do

They follow me like everywhere
Anywhere cuz they don't care
They said that I'm the one
They'd introduce to mom

I'm like oh god, I'm just so hot
Then I go "oh boy, oh no, please leave me alone"
All the boys be loving me, girls be hating me
And they will never stop, cuz they know I'm so hot hot

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