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Lil Herb - Nothing At All Lyrics

I remember wishing and hoping that one day I could have it all
Now I walk in the mall and I could buy it all
Lebron, Carmelo, Chris Paul, D. Rose, young nigga I ball
And I won't settle for nothing cause once I had nothing at all
I'm flexing, I'm stuntin' on y'all
Young nigga I didn't have nothing and that's why I want it all

[Verse 1]
I need to wake up and in a mansion with chandeliers and marble floors
Flyin' a jet, go spend 80k on my neck
And open up Ferrari doors, can't settle for less
Young nigga done earned my respect
Now what you gon' do to get yours?
I got off my ass and got on my way to a check
I'm a' get money now go get yours
I be riding in foreigns, pulling out 4's and 20's
With 30 clips hanging out 40's
Me and my brodies, duck at high speeds from the police
Cruising and smoking on OG
I'm thinking them millions, movin' my momma out them buildings
And under a 80 foot ceiling, nigga


[Verse 2]
I used to look up to them niggas who was hittn' licks, that was gettin' dough
Didn't making a difference to me if them niggas was wearing a jersey or whipping that snow
Young nigga from the hood, do whatever to get to the pros
Give 'em the dope, zip it and flip it and go
And after my 8th grade year at school I never planned on getting a job
Young nigga watched Paid In Full, had dreams on gettin' the Saab
Rocking Diamonds and Gold, Murcielago's on four Forgiatos


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