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Lil Herb - Jugghouse Lyrics

It's G Herbo, nigga welcome to the jugghouse
Kush, lean, pills, rocks at the jugghouse
Tecs, Pumps, Macs, Glocks at the jugghouse
But when I say the trap spot bitch, that's the jugghouse
And ain't no fuck niggas at the jugghouse
Killers, robbers, drug dealers at the jugghouse
Bitch we runnin' 7 figures out this jugghouse
And if you want it, gotta get it out the jugghouse

[Verse 1]
First off ain't no rap business at the jugghouse
Talk numbers, cop chickens at the jugghouse
And nah, we don't fuck bitches at the jugghouse
Cause they might snitch or bring some niggas to the jugghouse
30 clip, 50 clips at the jugghouse
You better not try to hit no licks at the jugghouse
Half turn to whole bricks at the jugghouse
These bitches go for 36 at the jugghouse
And you know the jugghouse in the hood, bitch
Don't get your life took tryna' steal some lil shit
AK's in here nigga, fuck that lil shit
And give 'em a couple bands ask 'em for that good shit


[Verse 2]
Got so many felonies in the jugghouse
It's a couple hunnid P's in the jugghouse
Got them Z's and them G's in the jugghouse
My trap niggas understand that's that juggtalk
Think my jugghouse sound like it's a townhouse
And that bitch pouring drink like I'm from down south
Smoking OG, I fuck with that loud dope
Keep it lowkey, bitch I got that brown dope
And my jugghouse just might be around your way
Got my jugghouse doing 20 thou a day
Fuck that school diploma shit, bitch I done found a way
I serve my city cause I get my shit from out of state, nigga


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