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Lil Dicky - Hit Me Up Lyrics

[Verse 1]
D up on the track
They shook
Race good
Cheetah on a track

Great hooks
We up on the map
Now the cake good from rappin
Cray up on a mac

We been getting pussy like all damn night bruh
Philly D lil dicky be up on that L dystra

Think I need a diaper... shittin when I cypher
Stay with Eminems... like ya man Mekhi Phifer

Dicky ballin foreal
All these models all up on him got em callin him seal
Every song is getting bomber like a mall in isreal
And I been buzzin like I'm chugging alcohol with no meal

I got that shit, everybody know that dicky been kickin
Da sickest shit and killin criminal's spittin so

If you get wanna get me then
You know where I be at
If you didn't know about the kid then lemme recap

Baby I been all around the fuckin world
Huggin da girls
These muthafuckin bitches lovin the curls

The kid been takin his vacation days and
Makin bacon, basically takin the game and changing
It to make it relatable

Trader joes up in the fridge boi
Unprotected sex without no kids boi
Makin sure ma lady take dat pill boi

Gotta keep it real
Honesty about to get ya boi a deal, boi
Comedy in songs, fuck da kill joys

But like

Man, I wish I could sing good
If I was a chick, right now this a single

But until this shit get around, then it's all ya dude
Up in his room, getting down, but it's all for you

So like
If you know somebody that produce
Or a hottie that'll sing about her boobs
Hit me up on gmail tho yo
Cause I been tryna take dis shit to retail bro
And I don't know have any contacts

[Verse 2]
Alrite I'm back up in this bitch
Spittin crack, up on the track
Up on the mac, up in this bitch

I been anxious to see what's actually happenin with this
Cause the rappin that's crackin em up is actually legit
You know

I'm bout to get it, better bring in the medic, I'm reppin
Literally, every regular person, get up on ma credit level
Better than your better will ever be, spittin incredibly
Ready, I'm a get on that melody with dat real shit

I'm the only rapper not exactly sure what trill is
But I'm still attacking every track and I been killin

Shit, but dude I'm scared of the hood
It's really spooky, dat ain't racist, think you misunderstood

Lil dicky bullshitting, and good livin with good writtens
So good riddance, to every rapper acting so cool with it
I school bitches, but still I'm acting a fool with it
So fuck all the tools with they stupid ass music but...



Lil Dicky lyrics