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Lil Debbie - Yams Lyrics

Yea I been dope these bitches trippin like
The head of the kush cause it’s fire I smoke
Shit ain’t I ain’t no joke bitch my rhyming
Reminding conversion of cut we be that whoa
Whoa whoa whoa
Power extend I’m a hemmy and I’m going to
Whip it everything thing you doing bitch I did
It down with it trendsetter how I have been
Holding down for so long the heat for the
Streets is getting hot is all I know whipping
That shit killing you bitch I ain’t feeling that
Shit money we been that shit and we flipping
That shit hustle mentality raising my salary
Bitch stay mad circle too tight and a fool say
What holding my own hoe I’m cleaning my
Plate bitch yamed up bitch yamed up
Hell yea I’m dope haha
Like good like gold

Hand extend I’m a hemmy and I’m going to
Whip it power extend from my hand and I’m
Going to whip it power extend from my hand
And I’m going to whip it whip it whip it whip it

Yea I’ve been dope these bitches choke like
A muse if you hang in mid air from a rope
How you going to cope knowing I’m shittin
On all that you do and bitch there is no hope
We been that shit you know we ain’t talking
About bricks and we flipping that shit we
Making hits flow is on the track and they
Getting that shit pimping that bitch and we
Winning that shit grinds all the same with
Them all in the game we all trying to come
Up a bitch fuck your maintain stay in your
Lane shti on you trying to do what I do
Cause hoe we ain’t the same bitch I be hot
Pressing can’t get with this shit but the haters
Just watching bitch I be kind we been whippin
And flipping that shit yea on top of the tape
Bitch yamed up Bitch yamed up
Hell yea I’m dope haha dope
Like cook like coke everything dope
Killing off all of my competition putting
There head in a scope everything dope
Bitch I’ve been grindin my rhyming reminding
Conversions of cope you know it’s dope
These bitches choke like the head of the kush
Cause it’s fire I smoke yea bitch I’m dope
Bitches going to hang like a string like
You tied from the head on a rope

Lil Debbie lyrics