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Lil Boosie - Somebody Loves You Lyrics

Chorus: Somebody loves you baby (4x)
(Background Talking)
Ya! Boosie Bad Azz and I'm tired of being lied on, I'm tired of being criticized,I'm tired if being betrayed! Somebody, Somewhere!

Verse: Now don't nobody love me! I know my mama love me, feel it when she kiss and hug me, jealousy! Got me paranoid, I know they hatin but I'm protected by God and for the forsakes (fuck the devil)! I do this shit for my friends who keep my goin dog. Hole in my heart cuz I'm tired of all these murder friends, fantasizing me and Ivy in the purple benz, wish that we could roll again. Somebody love me though, some women realer than men, for every snitch in the pin, fuck him in his ass then! It took me too long to blow up, aite but wat about me? For years smokin on that dozier. I'm gettin money straight up, look at me now, every song I'm on I turn into a classic ay-baybay, See in the city rocking shows, u know how I be. If its fuck me then its fuck you! If you love me then I love you!!

Lil Boosie lyrics

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