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Lil Bibby - Tomorrow Lyrics

[Verse 1]
This might be the realist shit I'll ever spit
Prolly the best free shit you'll ever get
When the choppers get to sprayin' boy you better dip
And when the cops grab me I ain't never tell em shit
All my homies that I lost in this street shit
Tell these rap niggas I ain't with the beef shit
Real talk you ain't seen what I seen bitch
Stackin money up tryna get the team rich
Top is so lonely
Lot of niggas phoney
Remember they ain't want me
Now these bitches all on me
Grab some pop corn and laugh at these actors
My favorite rappers turn into my favorite actors

For real man it's like when you find out santa clause ain't real
This shit is fucked up man it's like these niggas is really actors
They really actors b

[Verse 2]
I'm talkin' shit ain't nobody gon stop me tho
My homies changed on me feel like they shot me tho
All I got is myself and this music
Anybody need a heart shit I ain't goin to use it
Everybody that I loved done already abused it
Check it see if it work it prolly don't even do shit
Bibby why you pourin' out your heart on beats
Dark nights chest pains remember I couldn't sleep
I just pop me a xanax and wake up tomorrow
Now the hoes I fuck with all look like models
I wish my dead homeboys could see this shit
Niggas hated on me said I wouldn't achieve this shit
But fuck em

Aye there go them niggas right there bro

Lil Bibby lyrics