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Lil B - Thugs Pain Remix Pt2 Lyrics

Below you can find the popular Thugs Pain Remix Pt2 lyrics performed by Lil B. We have tried to make the Thugs Pain Remix Pt2 song lyrics as accurate as possible and hope you enjoy them.

I take you suckers down for that run around
You were saying you hot but I gunned you down
Last resort I take you to that hoop court
I know people that sells gun and deal with extortion
What do they do or who you fooling
There was just a dream last week you were just talk
Now you just walking you was doing awesome
I came into his day now I’m important
Now I’m gorgeous now talk about me
I’m the one who is talking
The chopper ring and now he saying he's sorry

I’m banged in them suckers loose
I strip you for your watch and your fucking shoes
They put me in the same game and the fucking bruises
I came from the bottom bitch where nothing is moving
If you gotta go nigger you better try and move it
I came here with them tools bitch I
Come like home improvement
And I change your life I ride on them bikes
Nigga at the same night bitch base freestyle
Forgive me base freestyle yea

Yea yea yea I rise so hard
I got to fucking wonder
If nigga keep faking am going to go under
I am going to pass on the bodies but I love numbers
I still hit the licks bitch the plugs coming
Yea how you like that bitch
You nah am saying we bombing the place nah mean
But them suckers don’t get it confused with me
You feelin me you know I still got the ooze
I got cameras like the fucking movies
And I’m here I never fucking watch scarface
I came out that low mother fucker with his scar face
You know what i'm saying they talking about the rap nigga
I am talking about that fake nigger I don’t know who he is
Nigger we live real life nigger I know real life
Real street hustlers nigger
That niggers look up to
I don’t look up to the movies nigga
Niggers really thuggin for real
I’m that dude you nah am saying
Am that dude man this ain’t no fantasy
I’m that dude that came from that small place
I body any body that’s on the plate
I do it in small numbers I’m going to fail
Before rap bitch my life for real
I’ve seen pain and I’ve seen thrills
The only person I ain’t met is for real
The gun going to make you happy
See you straight to that heaven to your daddy
This is all just a cold game man a cold summer
You dropping numbers everyday
It’s a reflection so anything I say
You know it’s always just a reflection
What about that love baby
Dropping numbers looking out for the
Family dropping jewels before I got pissed off
In moving units in number we need to be
Doing numbers everyday like I say
Lil B got pissed off with the new number
That will do anything we dumping on the adversaries
Long love and hold down Lil B for life
If you love Lil B make sure you support his album
And you come to him directly
And then you bought his heart directly from him
Directly from the source from Lil B personal
That’s how you got to get it period
You goin to meet him from his mouth no homo
We pressing every single day we got bitches
I got money I got flex I got more I got doe
I got money I got more we here doing what we do
I piss on them my nigger you nah mean
So them faces know that
We get that everyday baby one

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