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Lil B - One Time (remix) Lyrics

Yeah, say it one time
Yeah, Lil B give it one time, two time
One more time for the motherfuckin' world, let's go!
Yeah... BasedGod

[Verse 1]
Too blessed to have a second chance
Lil B I never should've been in jail
Cause I'm too smart, too hard bodied
Fear nobody, coming out real cocky
Respect everybody that show respect
Fake niggaz, fucking up the game
Real men like me see through the flames
Nigga talk to the game
Figure out money makes you happy
Maybe I could devil for sure had me
Happy to be grinding from the bottom
Nigga travel everywhere bring summer to autumn
Flying out over the buildings, Lil B rapping
If fo' sho gonna kill em, nigga ride or die if the fo fo hit em
Leave em a bag, happy Thanksgiving, Lil B!

One more time, let's go
Give it up one time for the life (let's go)
Give it up one time for the world (all right, it's all right)
Whoo... yes
Like I said
One time for the people up top, let's go
New York City (It's aight)

[Verse 2]
Please tell me if I live too large
Bought a new house how I get so far
Life's not about cocky but sometimes you gotta treat yourself.
Sippin that BasedGod benign all black car all white inside
Whole new floor whole new design
Rich off rap all I do is rhyme
Shoutout to grandmother even though I don't call
You know granny I love you
And I do this for you beside myself
Got a huge ego I'm beside myself
Got a life that's beside myself
Red cross can't deny my help
So raw, I could blind myself
From the future - had to blind myself, yeah
Live life, everything I did I did it so right
One time for the motherfucking world let's go!

Uh, I done lived my life
I done did everything I want
Now I gotta spread this love

I done lived my life
Did everything that I want
Now I got to spread this love.

Give it up one time for the up top
One time for the bottom
One time for the left side
One time for the autumn
One time for the summer
One time for the winter
One time for the baby girls and the mothers.
And the sinners, the believers
The underachievers, the dreamers
Everybody in the middle
Everybody on the side
Everybody feelin' little to the tallest
To the shortest
To people in New Orleans, to people on the East coast, the West coast
Down South, Midwest, we the best, it's Lil Bars than ever
One time it's Lil B Based world wassup
Give it up one time for the world, everybody in the building let's go!
One time for up top
I see...
Ladies how you feelin' tonight baby I see you looking great..
You know I see you... uh, we gettin' it, 2011 let's go.
One time for the world, speak up, make some noise

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